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Today in My Life

Rita and I woke up in an unexpected place.

At home, I made biscuits with cheese and pepper scrambled eggs.

We purchased several unique gifts at a series of art galleries and Pike Place booths.

We watched "Australia", which wore its heart on its sleeve with pride. Highly recommended, not least for the elegance of its plotting and the extraordinary logistics involved behind the scenes.

We had coffee and cider at Local Color in Pike Place and talked about how empowering it was to turn down the Val Kilmer flick. If I can say no to that, I can say no to anything. I feel that I have regained my powers of self-determination.

We stopped by the bookstore, where I purchased a book of crossword puzzles. Ideally they will help motivate me to awake earlier and to maintain a stronger daily routine.

We ate dinner at Tango on Capitol Hill.

Rita took the bus home and I attended the H+ discussion about emergent leadership. Some thoughts:
  • Our usage of social networking sites creates habits of trust that allow privileged access to alternate networks without a formal introduction.
  • Leadership of a group can also emerge through mob behavior that is subject to agreed-upon behavior routines.
  • Just as the creative commons movement can encourage letting go of one's ability to track the propagation of creative content through the web and beyond, letting go of leadership control can allow for self-selecting leadership behaviors to emerge in a mob, especially when instant communication and information tools like Twitter are used.
  • Leadership does not have to be about authority - it can be about providing content and competence.
  • Formal leadership and traditional hierarchical structures tend to be goal oriented and to involve financial compensation for those participating. It increases order. Informal leadership tends to be story or narrative oriented, to rely on how compelling that story is to achieve participation, tends to be subject to the law of diminishing returns, and often increases disorder.
  • Clowning tells a story that subverts the status quo. See: clowns vs. militias, the Billboard Liberation Front, improv Everywhere, and Jesus.
  • New tools and technologies have the potential the change the nature of leadership, especially for self-organizing, narrative-oriented groups.
Following the H+ discussion, we adjourned to Six Arms, where the talk turned to the likelihood of emergent A.I. I strongly suggest that people interested in that topic read Kevin Kelly's thoughts on the matter. Link 1, Link 2, and most importantly Link 3.

I ran from Pike and Melrose to 3rd and Pine in five minutes, in time to catch my bus. (.7 miles) Total transit time to return home from Capitol Hill: 25 minutes.


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