snybod (snybod) wrote,

Who are you? Wait, don't answer.

Given how busy my life has been, writing anything more substantive than 140 characters of a twitter update just hasn't been high on the priority list, especially since my primary writing time is going toward the novel and my screenplay revisions.

The short version is that life is good, but I could still improve my focus and discipline, although, like some people say about starting recreational running, trying to overdo it at first will just lead to burnout. So I'll take this new discipline thing slowly and hope that a few good habits stick.

I'm actually writing this blog post primarily as an excuse to wonder who all of the random people following me on twitter, requesting to be my facebook friends, and reading my livejournal are. I look for information about them, but no, I can't find any kind of connection to my life in their information. Why does a romance novelist in Virginia need to read my twitter feed? Why does the Seattle Symphony follow it too, for that matter? What's with the dutch art collective following my livejournal (ok, I suspect that one is really a bot, but still...)?

Because of all the research for the two web series I'll be launching soon, I recognize that it's important to keep some kind of public persona going (thanks for the great word, Ingmar Bergman!) but really, people, if you don't know me, do you actually need to be my electronic stalkerfriend? It would be different if I were a celebrity, but I'm not. Not my career path.

Cue dumb, obvious statement: the internet sure is weird. But you got a livejournal post from me out of it, so quit complaining.

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