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Seriously, Don't Miss This Post!

Friends and Readers -

The following is huge news for a number of reasons.

Foremost, it's an incredible community action to raise money for one of my favorite musicians, S.J. Tucker, who is undergoing a health crisis without health insurance.

Second, read the list of contributors carefully. Some of my very favorite authors have submitted stories, including Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, Charles de Lint, Phil Brucato, and Catherynne M. Valente. (The other authors are totally cool too – the list above just happens to make my geek engine rev particularly loudly.)

So please, consider picking up a copy of the book – it's for a great cause. Also, check out the saveours00j community, pick up a few CDs, and help support an extraordinary artist going through difficult times.



Ravens in the Library - Add to Cart
Featuring Tales by:
Ari Berk
Holly Black
Francesca Lia Block
Phil Brucato
Sam Chupp
Storm Constantine
Charles de Lint
Ben Dobyns
Jaymi Elford
Neil Gaiman
Alexandra Honigsberg
Elizabeth Jordan Leggett
Shira Lipkin
Angel Leigh McCoy
Seanan McGuire
Kris Millering and Storm Wilder
Mia Nutick
S.J. Tucker
Carrie Vaughn
Catherynne M. Valente
Terri Windling
and others...

With Illustrations by:
Amy Brown
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
James A. Owen
Brian Syme
and others...

Edited by:
Phil Brucato
& Sandra Buskirk

Graphic Design by:
Sherry Lynne Baker
The Ravens in the Library Project, in connection with
"A Healthy Dose of Sooj"
and "Save Our Sooj" presents


A Limited Edition Collection of Stories and Art dedicated to the health of S.J. Tucker
This special VERY limited edition has been compiled to defray the medical expenses and recovery of musician S.J. Tucker.

The collection will NOT be released in stores, and it is NOT downloadable! It will be available only as long as those expenses remain unresolved. After that, RAVENS IN THE LIBRARY will disappear.

Order your advance copy today... Before they fly away forever!

Add to Cart$25.00 includes shipping & handling
within the continental United States

Anticipated Release Date*: Feb. 22, 2009
Trade Paperback format
Color covers, B&W interiors
Self-Published by The Ravens in the Library Project
With Heartfelt Thanks to Ellen Datlow and all contributors.
* - barring delays in printing or production.
View Cart


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